BVL’s mission is a simple one – to brighten the lives of veterans each day. Since 1942, bowling centers, bowlers and sponsors have raised more than $56 million for BVL to support veterans by funding recreation therapy programs at veterans’ hospitals, clinics and community-based counseling centers.

More than 9 million veterans use VA services each year, and nearly 4.9 million of those veterans have service-connected disabilities. When federal dollars end after rehab, BVL is there to support recreation therapy programs that address veterans’ physical and emotional therapeutic needs.

One of the newest and most innovative programs is Virtual Reality therapy. BVL funds virtual reality content and equipment for state veterans home through a partnership with MyndVR, an award-winning provider of VR-based, digital therapeutic experiences.

Brightening Veterans Lives Since 1942

Recreation therapy programs open up new worlds for veterans and help them address isolation and the challenging transition back into everyday life. BVL funds programs that are wide-ranging and often non-traditional – including a buffalo drive in Montana, bowling outings in Idaho, surfing in Oregon, fly fishing in Pennsylvania, virtual reality therapy in New York and so much more.

If you are interested in supporting our veterans, please consider getting involved or making a donation.