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Get involved and help BVL brighten the lives of those who have served.

Since 1942, BVL has worked to identify and fund recreation therapy programs and services to support veterans and active-duty military. When federal funding stops after rehab, BVL is there to fund recreation therapy programs which help speed recuperation and improve morale. There are several ways for every bowler, bowling center, association, business or individual donor to get involved and assist BVL’s efforts through fundraising activities.

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Local and state bowling associations have been there for veterans since day one when they funded transport planes to bring injured soldiers home during World War II. Today, bowlers fill the lanes to organize and support BVL fundraising events.

Giving back is good business. That’s evident with the hundreds of bowling centers throughout the U.S. that host BVL fundraisers and special community events to support BVL and the many bowlers, staff, family members and friends who have served this nation.